Is there a place where memories are safe?

A photograph, a ring, a letter, or even a dear one’s ashes. Our memories are often bound to small – yet meaningful – objects. They are our precious something, but they are not with us al the time. Usually, we store them in a box or a drawer, sometimes we take them out of there to see them once more.

In Upmosphere, we believe that those special something deserve a much more special place to be kept.

What if you could enrich your memories with the thrill of a space journey?

Letting your special something orbit around planet Earth means to get the chance to connect with it and to the memory it is bound to every time you look up in the sky, or knowing it is passing above your head at a certain time.


Your memories and Upmosphere

We take care of your special something from the first steps of the process. From the arrival to D-Orbit’s headquarters, through all the satellite preparation activities, you receive a real-time update of the mission status with its localization and a plan about the launch date and time.

Once the satellite carrier has been launched and the satellites released in their orbit, the Upmosphere app will inform you about the satellite status and position. You’ll also receive news about the mission and pictures taken from your satellite.


Your satellite position, in real time.

Our logistics and operations partner, D-Orbit, has complete control over the satellites’ life, from when they are built in D-Orbit headquarters to when they are delivered to the launch site to, finally, when they perform their controlled return to planet Earth, shatter and become falling stars.

A hi-tech and sustainable way to celebrate your memories.

D-Orbit is a B-Corporation, which means they are socially and environmentally engaged in providing the most sustainable service possible, for the benefit of people and environment.

Is your special something ready for a spaceflight?

We are ready to make your precious memories live the special experience of space.

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