Space calling

Humankind has always been attracted by the sky, looking for a meaning to all those small lights coming out at night.

As modern humans, we still feel the fascination of space. It is a mix of emotions, ancient knowledge, science and technology.


Upmosphere: where dreams meet engineering

Upmosphere is the result of a group of space enthusiasts who wanted space to become more and more part of people’s everyday life. We found the perfect operation partner to create our space-related project and now we can share it with the world.

We know space journeys are not available for everyone, but can they be available for something personal, like a souvenir or a photograph? Can they become an instrument for companies to improve the interaction with their audience? Today, we can proudly answer yes, they can.


How it works for your brand

Imagine how you would like your brand to be linked to the idea of space: is it just a presence, so that everybody would know how your company is supporting space technology development, or do you think you can create something different, including interaction space-Earth?

Land on Upmosphere for brands

Upmosphere: a new emotion for your memories

Space is not only hi-tech and communication. First, it is the place of emotions: how do you feel when you see a falling star? We can make a small object you are emotionally bound reach the sky and, after orbiting for some time, return to Earth as a beautiful, falling star.

Land on Upmosphere for private individuals

How reach the sky in 5 steps


After 3-7 years, D-Orbit activates your satellite controlled return to planet Earth.
It will shatter and be seen as a falling star.

Ready for launch?