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Communication and technology: what can your brand do in space?

Space is where opportunities grow. It is a place where companies have not started their promotion yet, the perfect chance for your brand to stand out with a unique, ultimate communication.

Our interest and love for space began when we were very young and have not left us yet. We know we are not the only space enthusiasts on Earth: our project is the perfect chance for brands to impress their space enthusiast customers all over the world. Or, in any case, to engage them in a communication they never experienced before.

Isn’t space for space companies only?

Since private players started working in this field, space has become an opportunity for many different projects. We began mainly as a space carrier for private individuals who had a special object they were bound to and wanted to celebrate it in such a special and exclusive way. A launch, for them, is like giving their special something to the stars.

But space, for a business company, is not a place for memories. It’s more like having one’s own beacon where no other companies have anything.


What about launching your brand into space?

A launch is not saying farewell to something: it is to welcome a new, creative way to communicate with it. Yes, communicate. Satellites are constantly monitored by D-Orbit headquarters, where we can check their real-time position, develop new applications to exploit their data and, finally, plan their return into the atmosphere.

How could your public interact with the information your brand is going to broadcast from space?


As a brand, what could you launch?

The first thing that comes to people’s mind when they think about a company is its logo. Luckily, a logo is as easy as a photograph to be packed in a satellite. But, after a conversation with our experts, you may have new thoughts about what would represent your company in space.

How can we support your communication agency?

Think about how many campaign activities could be possible in space: from a brand logo orbiting and sending “selfies” with planet Earth in the background to special notifications activated when the satellite is passing: space gives communication so many brand-new triggers to explore!

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