About us

About us

Upmosphere is our dream of a spaceflight that comes true.

Meet the team

The carriers of our board members are quite far from space economics. Nevertheless, space fascination is what binds us since when we were young. When we thought about how we could make this dream real, we created a way for people and companies to approach space.

Luigi Maini - CEO

Luigi Maini

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Giovanni Sammarco - President

Giovanni Sammarco

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Gaetano Paolone - Customer Experience Manager

Gaetano Paolone

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Customer Experience Manager

Our logistic partner: D-Orbit

D-Orbits creates satellite carriers which host batches of satellites, not single ones: this is going to reduce the number of launches required to fulfill commercial, information and communication needs. D-Orbit’s carriers can deploy the satellites they contain in their target orbit, reducing the risk of collisions and avoiding new space debris.

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The Up-Box

Every object sent to space is secured in a customizable, wooden box. The wood we chose comes from the broke-down trees of Vaia, the storm that hit northern Italy with wind gusts exceeding 200 km/h. They can be Up-Solo, for single customers, or Up-Share2/Up-Share4, where 2 or 4 customers share the same box.

Is your special something ready for a spaceflight?

We are ready to make your precious memories live the special experience of space.

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