Space economy and responsibility

Published on 09.05.2022
Space economy and responsibility

One of the main concerns about space missions is their sustainability: let’s see how a responsible approach can make the difference in economics, environment and safety.

When we decided to make real our dream of space with Upmosphere, the first thing we wanted to investigate was the sustainability of space missions. We had already chosen our logistic partner, D-Orbit, and we already knew they would have taken the best care of both our project and its sustainability.

As an active member of the Space Safety Coalition, D-Orbit’s work is very precious now and will become more and more precious with time. They create satellite carriers which host batches of satellites, not single ones: this is going to reduce the number of launches required to fulfill commercial, information and communication needs. D-Orbit’s carriers can deploy the satellites they contain in their target orbit, reducing the risk of collisions and avoiding new space debris. The control on these satellites is so punctual, D-Orbit can determine the time when their satellites can re-enter planet Earth and destroy, with no debris left in space.

We are perfectly aware (and our customers are, too) our service is not as necessary as a communication or a scientific mission, and we do not want to be the cause of any extra space launches, with all their costs and environmental impact. Our Upboxes will only be part of a D-Orbit mission when there are satellites’ slots which have not been booked for any other priority mission. This is our way make a more responsible space exploitation for today and for the future. And, after all, that waiting for a free satellite slot can already be part of living the dream of a space flight!