Memories need celebration

Published on 24.03.2022
Memories need celebration

Why space can be the special place for your special something

Perception of time is one of the main abilities we have as humans. We lost the primitive “here and now” approach to life and live on a constant bridge between our memories and our expectations. Objects are part of our dealing with time: the more they are soaked in memories, the more precious they become to our eyes.

Memories are the stories we have already written

A picture we took with our loved one, a ring, a letter, or maybe a dress, or a book: special memories can take on different shapes. They represent a chapter in our story, a piece of our journey on Earth. This is why we always keep them with us. Unfortunately, we cannot keep them with us all the time: we could forget them around, ruin or even lose them. So, we put them in a safe place. From time to time, we just go, take a look at them and put them back away. Probably our memories deserve a better destiny.

Memories are made to reach the sky

The first time we thought about making special memories and souvenirs reach the sky and start orbiting around planet Earth, it sounded like a weird idea! But space is where everything is special: we make wishes looking at the stars, some of us read the horoscopes, we have engineers and scientists involved in space experiments.

Where should we keep our souvenirs rather than space?

Up there, orbiting around our planet several times per day, our special something are just as safe as in a dark, dusty drawer: space engineers have direct control on each satellite, 24/7. They will also be more present in our everyday life, not only when we go open the drawer where they are. A glipse up in the sky and there, a memory comes quickly to our minds, followed by a smile.

Yes, our memories definitively deserve a space destiny!

A special box that turns memories into falling stars

Nothing lasts forever. We don’t. Our memories don’t. That’s why we should celebrate them. After around 3, 4 years orbiting, safe in a wooden box in a D-Orbit satellite, it is time for our special something to begin the final journey: D-Orbit engineers plan and monitor the return of the satellite in the Earth atmosphere. This return has a magnificent side-effect: frictional force, which ignites the whole satellite. Our special something finally becomes something ideal, magical: a falling star.

And those who, in that very moment, are looking up at the sky, will make a new wish thanks to it.