Memories are something private, or can they be shared?

Published on 23.08.2022
Memories are something private, or can they be shared?

Memories are something private, or can they be shared?

Scientists say our childhood memories are something we build by talking about past events with our parents since the early years of our life. The more we talk about them, the more vivid and detailed they get in our mind. We start building our memories independently only from when we are 4-5. We show we have memories, again, by talking about them.

Memories are so deeply linked with language and relationships we could hardly imagine meeting someone we love without talking about what happened in our lives since the last time we saw each other.

Memories help us build our identity

Literally, the idea we have of ourselves is based on the memories that build our personal story: our direct memories and the co-operative ones we created talking about them with the people that lived those moments with us. These memories become part of our DNA. The interesting part of it is, that everyone has their very personal version of each episode they remember. Issues may occur when we find out that someone has a different story for the same memory we have. The reason is easy: the more emotionally linked we feel to that memory, the more we feel it as a part of us. Any other version is, for us, not acceptable.

Memories connect us to the people in our life

Memories are episodes in the story of our life. When these episodes match with the ones our beloved ones have, we know those memories strengthen our relationship with them. It can be a journey together, a surprise visit, an unexpected gift. We could say memories become the DNA of the relationships we build with others, too.

Memories can be special meanings we give to objects

Sometimes memories are not just something we create or we share with others. Sometimes they get a shape, a certain weight, a colour. They become real, meaningful objects. As a matter of fact, we love to surround ourselves with things that are meaningful for us, be them something we are passionate about, a souvenir or a present from someone we love. How many memories are bound to a photograph, a jewel, a small object we always have with us or within sight?

Among all those objects with a special meaning, we have one that ends up being the most special one, the one that we treasure. Usually, it is the one our space dreamers choose and send to orbit, the one they will always be bound to and that deserves such a special place to be kept. The memories that take part into Upmosphere missions are both private and shared: their stories and meaning orbit together in a satellite above our heads.

What would be the object you would send to orbit in one of our missions?