Brands in space: a new adventure for communication

Published on 25.07.2022
Brands in space: a new adventure for communication

Brands in space: a new adventure for communication

Communication and advertising are everywhere. Brands are always looking for new ways to stand out:

  • online, with websites, video and images that give engagement and information;
  • offline, where every spot can become an opportunity to get noticed (and maybe chosen) by one’s audience.

Online communication is immediate, has a specific target audience, triggers their further actions in just a click or a tap (learn more, buy now, subscribe, etc). Offline communication can be as direct as a limited-time offer or as surprising as a guerilla marketing campaign, where the wow-effect is the main goal.

Apparently, our role of space carriers would not make us deal with advertising and communication. But what if we start thinking about space and orbits just like places we have not completely exploited yet? After the first launches, when we made people’s special memories reach space and start orbiting around planet Earth, we realized company logos are filled up with meaning and stories, just like souvenirs are. Actually, the company logo of our customer Nexus is already orbiting above our heads: they decided to launch their logo for the same emotional reason that lead people to the decision of launching a precious souvenir. Companies are made of people, i.e. stories and memories, too.

Brands and orbits

Many companies aim to be known nationwide, others internationally. Today, we have found the way to make them aspire to space. Not operationally, not even as a communication service. Rather, as a presence. The message is clear: “We know space is the most precious place to be, that’s why we want our company to be there, too.”. Logo is the core of a brand, it holds the company’s values, makes it easily recognizable and memorable. It can be as big as a lighted sign that has to be noticed on the road or as small as a business card, to be on hand in case of need. Logo is the perfect asset to represent a company wishing for space.

The brand space journey

In Upmosphere, we give company logos the same special treatment we give to people’s precious souvenir, because everything that is bound to space is something special to be guarded, from the moment we receive it from our customers to the one engineers seal it into the satellite capsule and prepare it for transportation to the launch area. From the launch on, our customers can follow live their logo orbiting around planet Earth and, if technical conditions allow it, even have a picture taken with the satellite’s onboard webcam.

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